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Beauty Collagen Broth


A superfood loved by many that has been consumed since centuries ago in many traditions around the world. Our popular collagen broth contains nourishing nutrients such as protein, calcium, amino acids and more! What makes this broth most remarkable are the benefits of strengthening hair, nails and skin, and even giving support to bone and joints!

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Beauty Tomato Broth


A familiar broth well known for its sour and sweet flavors that will stimulate your appetite. The smooth and silky broth comes with chucks of tomato that add on texture in every sip. Tomatoes are also an excellent source of nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, E, K and B6, Copper, Potassium, Manganese, Dietary Fiber, Biotin, Molybdenum and more. Indulge and discover its beauty benefits!

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Mala Collagen Broth


This healthy broth is dedicated to our health conscious customers that want to enjoy the popular collagen broth with a little challenge to your taste buds with our very traditional Mala. 

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Sichuan Spicy Broth


Indulge yourself with our famous Sichuan  Spicy Broth which numbs your senses and have you craving for more. It allows customers to choose the level of spiciness to challenge your taste buds. Customers can select from a range of ingredients including meat and vegetables to go along with your very own Sichuan Mala. If it is not enough to satiate your hunger, special condiments such as spicy beef & pork strings are also up for grabs.

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ChongQing Traditional Spicy Broth


Challenge issued! Signature traditional spicy broth of Chongqing. A recipe well known in Chongqing since decades ago as it contains beef oil which makes it exclusive in comparison with Sichuan Spicy Broth.

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Double Boiled Herbal Chicken


A soup that heals the mind, body and soul. Double Boiled Ginseng Soup is enriched with all-natural healing and nourishing properties ideal for digestive, headaches and headaches and high blood pressure. All herbs used in this heary favorite is freshly flown to Singapore to maximize their freshness and assure the broth's unparalleled flavor and fragrance.

Hotpot Heroes Soft Launch Video

 A communal meal, popular in China, wherein diners share a hot pot of broth into which uncooked foods such as mushrooms, vegetables, and cuts of meat are dipped until they are cooked enough to be eaten.  


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Who are we?


Since the beginning of civilization, HEROES have lived among us. We are each our own hero. When we face challenges, we muster our internal strength and courage to climb over mountains of trouble. Today, as everyone arrives at HOTPOT HEROES, individual heroics are told, while we let the positive energy permeate our lives. 

HOTPOT HEROES is a traditional Chongqing hotpot restaurant influenced by Chinese martial arts. With us, diners will be able to enjoy the original flavours of Chongqing Hot Pot in Singapore while savouring our broth, engaging in conversation and indulging in life.

Our premium selection of broths includes Mingjiao Chongqing Mala Beef Oil, Wudang Mushroom Broth, Beggar Sect Sichuan Mala Broth, Ermei Beauty Collagen Broth and Shaolin Tomato Broth. These treasures are a result of many years of exquisite research and development adapting from traditional Chinese recipes passed down through generations of culinary masters. Hotpot fans around the world now have the opportunity to savour this delicious feast with the HOTPOT HEROES family.

At HOTPOT HEROES, we celebrate the everyday heroes within us. Join us and reward yourself with a heart-warming hotpot experience!

Executive profiles – The original founder of Hotpot Heroes is the owner of “Eel Hotpot” with more than 200 outlets in China. From their large-scale factory with an area of 18,000 square metres, an annual output of 4,000 tonnes of soup base, sauces and other seasonings are produced. All of these form the excellent foundation for Hotpot Heroes in establishing the leading position in the hotpot business. 

Membership Cost $28

 First, select 1 of your favourite Sect: 1. Wu Tang Sect 2. Er Mei Sect 3. Beggar Sect 4. Ming Jiao 5. Shaolin 

Being a HERO, you are entitled to: - 10% off your total bill - $100 HOTPOT HEROES (HPH) e-points on your birthday with a minimum spending of $288 - $1 rebate for every $10 spent - Additional 5% off for the selected month (Selected based on Sect) 

Being part of a Sect, you can: - Contribute & accumulate points for your Sect with the amount spent in our restaurant - Participate and win in games for your Sect - Enjoy either a small gift, a free food/drink or an additional 5% off your total bill if your Sect is the winner for the month. 

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Who are we?



HOTPOT 火锅 (huǒ guō) has been a mealtime tradition passed down through generations since Ancient China. Family and friends gather around a scrumptious hotpot meal to share a laugh, reminisce on life stories & catch up with one another. 

Since the beginning of civilizations, HEROES 英雄 (yīng xióng) have lived amongst us. They appear in every society exemplifying the fierce human spirit. Today, countless roles and responsibilities define us as we move forward in life. 


 With 20 years of experience cooking in the finest Chongqing restaurants, our chef is excited to present their vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.  Observe how our chef prepares your food as you create your favourite sauces from the sauce counter. It is a real eye-opener! 



 Advance booking is required for Company events and Private dining. Make your reservation with us in advance so that we can prepare for the necessary arrangement and welcome you on that day.